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The "Hadekel" company

The "Hadekel" company has been
operating for 26 years and is the leading
company in Israel for growing and marketing
fruit trees and young / adult PALM TREES.

We are a project “turnkey” company that can fit into every stage of the project - agriculture tree growing consulting, growing young trees up to selling adult fruit and palm trees (2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 meters)
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 Urban landscape Consulting

Palm plantations Care and maintenance

Urban environment Trees care

Pest Control

Export palm trees and fruit trees (Lemon, Olive, Lychee)

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Lulavim Preservation

"hadekel"- growing and marketing of palm & fruit trees

"Maagan" kibbutz- Jordan Valley 15160 israel

 office +972-4-6654995 / 8
Department -+972-52-2251666

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